It’s time to rewind and get back to business!

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. In many cases, our businesses and services have had to change with the times.

However, are your clients and customers aware of those changes?

In many cases the easiest changes to your websites and social media platforms are the most overlooked: and it could be costing you money.

Tune in the latest episode as Joe breaks down what you need to look for and how you should be informing your clientele about your currents plans and processes.

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Using the coronavirus pandemic to improve your content marketing

Whether you’re idle with extra free time or busy as an essential business or worker during these trying times, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us all an opportunity to kickstart various areas of your content marketing which are lacking or that you’ve never attempted before.

Joe shares his five pillars of content marketing and how now is the right time to get involved with each one in order to create brand awareness and strengthen your marketing presence.

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How to tackle burnout in these uncertain times

Are you starting to feel the stress of self-isolation during this coronavirus quarantine? Or have you always felt overextended, exhausted or simply worn out with your workload?

In this episode, Joe offers some suggestions on how you can defeat burnout on multiple levels and stay focused on your tasks at hand.

The good news? Burnout isn’t helpless: you’re in the driver’s seat to make positive changes.

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Spring cleaning your content due to the Coronavirus pandemic

In these uncertain times, we find ourselves having to adapt to our ever-changing world.

Joe covers some of the bases you need to make sure you cover in order to best inform your audience on what you’re doing during these changes and to make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities to remain in touch with your customers.

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Responsible content marketing during the COVID-19 crisis

With our world changing rapidly due to the spread of the coronavirus (otherwise known as COVID-19) marketing is shifting in ways we have never experienced before.

More than ever, the right attitude and the right message is necessary in these uncertain times.

Joe shares a number of his recommendations on how businesses and brands should leverage blogs and social media to educate and inform their customers about how they are adapting to these changing times, including some ideas on what you should avoid posting and how it’s important to continue building a sense of community on your platforms.

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If you’re not careful, your online perception can become reality

In today’s day and age, your online presence may be the only way that a potential customer or client can perceive you.

If they get the wrong impression, it could make all of the difference between a sale and not.

Joe covers some ways to help shape your online presence in order to help create a better perception, and reality, of your brand, product, or service.

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Social and Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Looking to refine your marketing strategies on digital media in the New Year? Look no further!

Joe Kuzma returns with a special show dedicated to keeping you on track with your content marketing and social marketing campaigns in 2020.

Among Joe’s suggestions are ways to avoid distractions while also improving the look and feel of your brand. Tune in for a short burst of good advice that may help you keep your resolutions on track this time!

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When obvious can be good… and bad!

Ever think that something is so obvious you shouldn’t do it?

Or perhaps, have you become so complacent that some of the content marketing you do isn’t “as obvious”?

Both can be issues that anyone working with content or social media marketing may come across in their campaigns. On the latest episode of the DisContent Show, Joe Kuzma offers some advice for when the obvious choices should be used… and also when they should be avoided!

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Why you should get rid of email to manage projects and marketing campaigns

Have you ever stopped to think how unproductive using email can be to get a certain task accomplished? You may not realize it yet, but you could be wasting up to 30% of your productivity on a daily basis.

While it may not seem to be a “fit” for content marketing, most finished projects in campaigns rely heavily on project management. On today’s show, Joe Kuzma talks about the various downfalls of using email to communicate with your team, or work individually, on completing tasks relevant to any of your marketing goals from social media to a simple blog post.

It’s time to kill email: kill it with fire! And Joe will explain why you should and give a few suggestions on how you can accomplish doing so.

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3 Questions With: Planable Co-Founder and CEO Xenia Muntean

In this episode, Joe invites a special guest to program to discuss varying degrees of content marketing workflow issues.

Xenia Muntean is the co-founder and CEO of Planable, a command center of social media campaigns trusted by agencies, freelancers, and marketing teams to create, collaborate, approve and schedule.

Recently featured in the Forbes 30-Under-30 list, and Top 100 Forbes Women Entrepreneurs, as well as being speaking at the Cannes Lions (one of the largest gatherings in the creative marketing community), Xenia’s expertise is second-to-none.

Xenia also discusses her recent 38-page ebook titled The Manifesto on Content Marketing Teams, which dives into further details as discussed in this episode.

You may download a copy of The Manifesto on Content Marketing Teams by visiting

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