Social Media

Social Media is the elephant in the room when you talk about content marketing. Everyone, including your neighbor’s kid, knows how to use Facebook or Twitter.

But do you?

Do they?

The kid who gets paid to cut grass is better off doing that. Leave managing your business’ image to your own employees or a professional team capable of steering the ship. (Like myself.)


However, aside from “who” is posting to your social media networks, “what” you’re posting is equally important. While the Internet can never have enough cute cat videos, will a clip of “Max” really drive more people to buy your products or services?

I doubt it.

That’s why your social media strategy is every bit as important as who you trust to manage it. I like to make sure you’re not spread too thin, so I’ll share how to not waste time playing on the web while also maximizing your social media marketing efforts.

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