Is content marketing a fit for your business?

by Joe Kuzma ( joe_kuzma)

While I’m a big proponent of content marketing, I’ve come to a realization that it’s not for everyone.

What kind of brands could benefit from content marketing?

It all depends. The world of content marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution. First, we have to definite what content marketing is. This is my definition, and not something you’ll find in a dictionary

Leveraging different platforms to share your information (“content”) on them.

Content marketing is comprised of many platforms. I like to think of the five “pillars” of content marketing as the following: blogs, podcasts, social media, email newsletters, and eBooks. (I do believe they belong in that order as well, but more on that later.)

One channel you may already use in your content marketing strategy is posting to Facebook. If you’re regularly updating your followers by posting blurbs or photos on your business’ Facebook page, congratulations: you are already using content marketing to build your brand’s awareness.

From there, however, things get a bit trickier.

How much time do you devote to creating content? Do you always send out the same information? Does it generate any interest? Which platforms do you need to be on? And do you need to be on all of them?

Being consistent is as important as the message you are sending. But aside from creating a marketing strategy, the first question atop your to-do list should be “Is this right for me?”

Whether you own or operate a nationally recognized corporation or a pizza shop with a single location that answer is almost always yes. There are far more benefits to generating content and publishing them on your various channels than not. Some of those are simply getting your name out, while others have to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In many cases, “sweat equity” (that is your own time and effort) is all it takes to operate a successful content marketing campaign. But in many cases, people will feel as though they’ve become a slave to the process and give up: which a have far-reaching negative effects on your brand. (Yes, even worse than never getting started!)

That’s why I created this site, along with my upcoming book and podcast series. I don’t want to see anyone abandon their blog or Facebook page, giving up because they feel they don’t have the time or the means to share their story. Oftentimes the very tools you need to successfully grow your business with content marketing are right in front of your nose.

Sometimes, the materials you need are right there too and require no extra work other than a few minutes each week.

If this kind of information sounds interesting to you, I implore you to follow and/or subscribe to my various social media accounts and the DisContent Podcast. In the coming weeks you’ll learn how to utilize the same tools, tips, and tricks I use to efficiently, and effectively, leverage these five pillars to build your brand’s awareness.

And if you don’t have any these outlets already setup, don’t worry. I will be sharing how to successfully build a platform in which your content will shine.

My goal is to make sure you no longer see content marketing as a scary word. Join me, and you’ll see why.

Hello! My name is Joe Kuzma, and if you’re reading this, thank you! I’m pleased to virtually meet you and I hope we get to know one another well throughout this crazy journey of producing content.

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