There are no “secrets” to content marketing

by Joe Kuzma ( joe_kuzma)

Far too often I speak with people who are too concerned with finding that “missing piece of the puzzle” when it comes to content marketing. Everyone is trying to sell them the latest widget that will make them the best and stand out more than the competitor. They also promise shortcuts which makes things easier.

The truth to the matter is, there are no secrets to doing this line of work. In fact, content marketing is what you make of it.

That is, the time and effort involved to stand out. Now, that doesn’t mean there are more efficient or easier ways to do what you’re already doing. (Or get you to do it more efficiently or easier, if you’re not doing anything right now!)

But first things first: like anything else you may be involved in, you’re only going to receive what you put in. “Sweat equity” is a tried and true component of content marketing. How often you post to your Facebook page or reply to tweets will dictate engagement, and amplification, more than anything else you can do.

If someone sends you a message: respond.

If someone comments, click that like/favorite button or if you feel compelled, reply!

It’s easy and only takes a few moments of your time each day. Maybe even every other day, depending on what field you’re working in. That may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Another thing you don’t have to be is a slave to content.

I see far too many eyes glaze over at the thought of becoming a part-time publishing house in addition to their existing duties within their job description. They overthink, are then overwhelmed and end up quitting before they ever begin.

That’s why I mean it when I say: content marketing doesn’t have to be a scary word.

This is your blog. Your podcast. Your social media page.

Yes, I’m operating an entire platform that tells you how to do this stuff, but you still play by your rules. While it’s still important to make a schedule and adhere to it, you are the one who decides when you do that work.

So, the only “secret” that may not be public knowledge when it comes to social media, blogs, or podcasts is “consistency”. The only way to gain the loyalty of your followers is to be consistent. Don’t insult their loyalty by

Those loyal followers you gain trust consistency. And that’s really the only “secret” to content marketing: be consistent. If you do updates weekly, do them weekly. If it’s every Monday, do that. Regardless, do what works for you, in this moment and on your terms.

And if you happen to have a lapse, where for some reason you can’t make that blog post or publish a Facebook update, don’t sweat it. We all get caught up. Your followers are following, but they too have a schedule to stick to. One miss here or there isn’t the end of the world and would likely be missed on holidays were a flood of happenings are stealing your audience’s attention.

In other words, they might miss your latest and greatest article or episode. But they’ll be back… as long as you aren’t inconsistent and can’t be followed. So, don’t miss too much and don’t abandon your blog or your Pinterest page. There’s nothing worse than someone wondering if you’re still in existence because your last post was November 2016.

Worse yet, how can you ask for followers when you’re too hard to follow?

Hello! My name is Joe Kuzma, and if you’re reading this, thank you! I’m pleased to virtually meet you and I hope we get to know one another well throughout this crazy journey of producing content.

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